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 Yarns and fleeces - livestock-   

Fiber livestock
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The Most Popular Products:

Hand spun yarns

We have a very limited amount of hand spun yarns because of the time involvement of all the process.  Let us know your favorite colors and fibers and we will let you know what is available .  Depending on desires and our ability a custom order can be done.

  • sheep
  • alpaca
  • llama 
  • angora goat
  • fleeces (all stages)
  • farm odds and ends 

hand spun yarn

Our unique blend of our farm raised fibers, natural colors, and some dyed are sure to awaken all of your senses. 

livestock and craft swaps. We have alpacas,llamas and angora goats, (oh my) for sell from time to time.  In the summer many spring lambs  for sale.  Often I swap and trade spinning equipment and odds and ends as well.  


Raw, skirted, picked ,carded & rolags, you decided how much processing you want to buy.

livestock for sale